Paper Love

Paper Love

Animation / Germany / 2009 / 5 min / HD

A man and a woman live their 2 dimensional lives
on a toilet paper roll. He is courting her, will she be seduced? And what more
is happening on the toilet in the background? A short stop motion love story
becomes a tragedy in the toilet paper world.

with Susanne Becker, Daniel Megnet

Directed by Armin Mobasseri
Script & Animation: Armin Mobasseri, Philipp Röhl
Music: Yves Budin
Sound Design: Friedemann Kootz
Produced by Armin Mobasseri and Philipp Röhl

48h Neukölln Festival for Art and Culture 2009, Berlin
In The Palace International Short Film Festival 2010, Balchik, Bulgaria
Moving Silence screenings to live music: Berlin 2009, St. Petersburg 2009 (Electro Mechanica Festival),
Athens 2010
BuSho – Budapest Short International Film Festival 2010, Budapest, Hungary
EMERGEANDSEE Media Arts Festival 2011, Berlin, Germany
Filando Biella International 120s Film Festival 2013, Biella, Italy